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 is a female-led pharmaceutical startup with the goal of launching the first non hormonal birth control pill in the U.S.  We believe that everyone deserves what's best for their bodies- and that starts with eliminating the nasty side effects associated with hormonal birth control.  We're building a community to educate and empower women to speak up when it comes to their healthcare, and soon, we'll be able to provide a solution to the age-old hormonal contraceptive issue. 

"I started the pill when I was 16. Three years later, I found myself in the hospital getting my blood tested because I thought I was dying. As it turns out, I had the hormone levels of someone in menopause (and all of the side effects to match). Why has that been acceptable for the past 60 years? That was the last straw for me, and with Sublima, I'm going to provide access to safer and healthier women's health products."

-Keiana Cave  

Founder, Chief Scientist

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